Garden City, Idaho 83714


Precision Machining Solutions

Meeting Engineering Challenges

We needed a manufacturer to produce a billet part within 30 days and we needed to sort through some engineering challenges during the same period. It needed to be made on short notice and quickly. Jeff Brackus and his team at Advanced Precision Machining, Inc., got it done on schedule, at the quoted price, and worked through the challenges with us. Jeff runs a great manufacturing team.

Greg Rockfellow
COO / RL Apex

Outsourcing Complex Parts

Advanced Precision Machining, Inc., was one of our top shops at GE/Applied Precision, for outsourcing complex parts. They were one of the shops that could handle our toughest parts. Plus, they were always one of the top three suppliers on overall quality and on-time delivery.

Joe Darling
Global Sourcing Leader at GE

Fair Pricing, Quality and On-time Delivery

Advanced Precision Machining, Inc., was one of our top shops while I managed the Offload Department at L3 Communications, Communications West. They always ranked at the top for fair pricing, quality and on-time delivery.

Robert Levan
Metal Fabrication Offload Team Lead


Prototypes and Concept Parts

I have worked with Advanced Precision Machining, Inc., on various projects over the years. They supported my projects with prototypes and concept parts to validate our projects. The quality and timeliness of their work was always top notch.

Ben Blaine
Director of Engineering, Versabuilt